Ann McGarr

Ann is our church secretary. She keeps the office in order. She is sweet as apple pie and the proud mother of two special daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Angela. She hails from Iredell County and comes from the deep rooted Holland clan. Her brother Buddy Holland, not to be mistaken for Buddy Holly, is a famous talker. 

Life verse: Phillippians 4:13


Sarah Griffith

Sarah is our Music Director. When she is making music the joy of the Lord falls upon her. In addition to being an amazing musician and teacher, both at our church and at the American Renaissance Charter School, she is a former tennis star and current master party host. She is married to Doug, who is a history teacher at ARS and a wordsmith. Sarah and Doug are the proud parents of two upstanding kids- Wilson and Emma. 

Life verse: Philippians 4:6-7


Brad Rashley

Brad is our church organist. God has gifted him in many ways, not only with his musical talent but also with computer and teaching skills. Quick witted and from South Carolina, he is married to Elizabeth Rashley, a local pediatrician and excellent reformed theologian. They are the parents of four unique kids: Harrison, Sebastian, Emanuel, and Margaret. They like to camp.

Life verse: 2 Samuel 6:5





Scott Jeffreys

Scott is a sinner saved by grace who has been serving the Lord in pastoral ministry for 15 years. In addition to his love of preaching and teaching the Word, he also an expert on finding the perfect hotdog joint in any town, a Duke Football historian, and a semi-competent guitar player and model builder. He is married to Malia, a respiratory therapist and native of Alabama, and they have four crumb crunchers saved by grace:  Bethany, Parker, Ingrid, and Simon.  Yes, preacher’s kids can be converted!

Life verse: Psalm 139:1-18