ECO- Our Denomination

While denominations are not everything, we still believe it is important for us to be connected to a larger body of Christian churches for mutual support, accountability, and encouragement.          

The denomination that we are a member of is ECO, a Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. We are Reformed in our theology and Presbyterian in our governance.   

In December of 2014 our church overwhelmingly voted to depart from the PCUSA because ECO better represented who we are as a church family. We are grateful to be in a new denomination that seeks to be faithful to Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the historic confessions of faith that have faithfully guided the church throughout the ages. 

One of the founding principles of ECO was uniting pastors and congregations around a common theological core. We affirm that consensus around certain theological and ethical essentials is foundational for a healthy denomination. As a covenant community, ECO is committed to a clearly-articulated, biblically faithful theology and way of life that moves our mission forward in building churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

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