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Crazy in Love With You!

I belong to my lover and his desire is for me. - Song of Solomon 7:10 

The Song of Solomon is an erotic and passionate love poem about Solomon and a woman he was going to marry. It speaks of the anticipation of their wedding night and their undying love for one another. This book almost did not make it into the Bible. I’m glad it did. Marriage is a gift from God and so is the intimacy that a man and woman share in as husband and wife. Unfortunately Solomon would later fall big time in this area of his life. The Bible says that he took many wives for himself and they led his heart way from the Lord. 

Thankfully, on another level, this poem also reflects a love more faithful than that of Solomon’s love for his wife. It reflects the love of God for His people. The Bible frequently uses marriage as a metaphor for the relationship that God has with His people. In the NT the church is called the Bride of Christ and the good news of the gospel is that our bridegroom Jesus is never unfaithful. His love for us is strong and unfailing. We belong to him and to God, and his desire is for us! Jesus will never cheat on us, or fail us, and his love for us will never grow cold. Be encouraged my friend- Our Savior is crazy in love with you!        

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