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Eat the Scroll

Ezra stood on the platform in full view of the people. When they saw him open the book, they all rose to their feet. - Nehemiah 8:5

Have you ever wondered why some churches stand when the Bible is read before the preaching of the Word? 

In the OT the Israelites were overrun by foreign powers and taken away to foreign lands. What led to their demise was idolatry, the chasing after other gods in the place of the Lord their God. Eventually they got to return home and rebuild their temple and recommit their lives to the Lord. One thing the people did to signify their recommitment was they would stand when the Word of God was read to them. Ezra the priest had the privilege of leading the people back to the Lord through the preaching of the Word. When he read the Bible the people stood in reverence to God. In the military when the commander enters the room everyone gets quiet, stands perfectly straight, and salutes the commanding officer. The leader gets their full undivided attention. There are many good things in our lives that we give our full attention to: our families, spouses, and jobs. But what about the Bible? Do we read and listen to it attentively? God wants us to love His Word by studying and applying it to our lives. We cannot know and love the Savior apart from reverencing his Word. Be encouraged and get in the Word.

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